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Wing Chun Kung Fu, a Shaolin-based martial art, was developed and perfected over hundreds of years.  Wing Chun does not pit strength against strength, but rather employs its unique understanding of body mechanics, angles and sensitivity to overcome aggression.  This understanding can be developed and used effectively in a short period of time, and students learn to defend themselves (counter attack) without spending years memorizing attack scenarios. 

"Bak Fu" refers to Sifu Alan Vasquez of the Orange County Wing Chun Association  Sifu "Bak Fu" Vasquez is a 3rd generation Ip Man lineage Wing Chun instructor with over 40 years of experience.  Bak Fu students are allowed to explore the entire art of Wing Chun from the start, unlike traditional schools.  Bak Fu also studied in Hong Kong with GrandMaster Wong Long Ching, and he has been kind enough to share this knowledge with his Sifus and students, which is why Wong Long's signature appears along side Alan's on my instructor certificate.  

Ip Man, the subject of three major motion pictures and the former instructor of the late Bruce Lee, is the father of modern Wing Chun.  Ip Man died in 1972, and his story can be found all over the web.   

I have studied various forms of  martial arts for over 30 years, and I have been a Wing Chun Instructor for over six years.  I am excited to share my knowledge and understanding of Wing Chun with those who are willing to share this journey.

-Dan Earhart Sifu- 

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